Protect your fingers from greasy, sticky food.
Protect your fingers from greasy, sticky food.
Finger Naps

Finger Naps Could Be the Solution to Your Sticky, Saucy Problems

Everyone loves eating messy barbecue and dressed up wings, right? Well, if you aren't a fan of getting sticky, molasses-based sauces all over your hands, you might find yourself passing on the 'cue unless, of course, it's a dry rub. Prepare to get the meat sweats with everyone else because Finger Naps are here to make your wildest sanitary dreams come true for finger foods.

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The Finger Nap is marketed on the company's website as a way to protect yourself from all manner of greasy, sloppy foods, namely of the Western persuasion. The South Korean company that produces them displays burgers, doughnuts, pizza, and fried chicken wings on the site, all of which could certainly get messy.

While the food applications are obvious, Finger Naps, which come in adorable travel-size packages of 30 or more, also are marketed for everything from applying ointments and unclogging drains without getting your fingers dirty. The company even points out the the product is great for samples, which might find us stocking up on them before Devoured 2k15.

According to Huffington Post, the product is purported to be eco-friendly as well, though that might just be because we'd all be using less napkins.

For more information about Finger Naps, you can visit the company's website, which is in Korean, but, hey, that's what Google Translate is for, right?

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