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Five Culinary Wishes for 2010 and Beyond

Last week we identified the top ten food trends of the 2000's. Today we're looking ahead to toward new culinary adventures. If we were alloted five wishes to change the way America eats in the next year and beyond, these would be them.

Asian Ice Overthrows Fro-yo - We're big fans of any frozen confection, but the time for frozen yogurt has come and gone. We're ready to take in a new view on the frozen confection horizon; one blocked by a mountain of shaved ice covered in condensed milk. That's right, we're declaring Asian Ice (also known as Halo Halo, Bingsu, Kakigori, Baobing, Ice Kacang and Nam Kang Saii in The Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand respectively) the next big step in dessert satisfaction.

What these multitude of names have in common is shaved ice usually flavored with syrup. Yet from the there the options are endless. Often they are topped with red beans, taro, fruit, brown sugar, gluten balls or sarim. If we knew where to get some right now, you can bet we wouldn't be writing this blog post.

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Jonathan McNamara