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Five DIY Gifts for the Kitchen

In case you're not busy enough, or you've just had enough of the holiday shopping crowds, here are a few crafty things to supplement your gift-giving. Yes, it's stressful sometimes to make things yourself, but when you make things yourself you can be at home and most people appreciate your time and energy. To boot, each of these projects require few supplies and surprisingly little time.

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My favorite project, the painted wooden spoons seen above, simply involves painting a favorite color over a plain wooden handle. As you can see, the results are fabulous!

These his & her Sharpie mugs from A Beautiful Mess are a sweet gesture for anyone. Maybe you could even pair them with with some homemade hot cocoa mix.

Or how about these Anthropologie-inspired party glasses? I think Amanda does a great job capturing the technique, though I'd recommend using glassware that doesn't have the threads at the top. Unless you'd rather pay $198 for the real thing.

All of these glasses are going to need a place to rest and these color block coasters are the perfect solution. I recommend making a giant stack of them and giving them away to co-workers.

Finally, and these are the most time consuming, some reusable snack bags. If you have basic sewing skills, definitely go for this project. Maybe even gift them to yourself (that's how much I like these). Owen's Olivia provides excellent step by step instructions. Consider putting some surprise notes or treats in there too.

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