Five Peculiar Finds at ABC Cake Decorating Supplies' Summer Clearance Sale

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ABC Cake Decorating Supplies earned the title of "Best Baking Supplies" from 2008 through 2011 for good reason. As the area's premier seller of everything cake and candy-making related for the past 40-or-so years, the shop carries everything from essential kitchen crafting needs to perhaps not-as-necessary novelties.

Chow Bella dropped by during the first day of ABC's summer clearance sale to see what goodies the clearance room (normally the space for classes) had to offer. Here are some interesting and unexpected finds.

5. An entire box full of Shrek-tastic plastic rings The overstock items included a small selection of a few baker's mainstays like giant whisks and rolling pins to heaping boxes full of half price cookie cutters and Wilton cupcake liners, but then there were these. Alongside boxes and bins full of sparkly plastic tiaras, Hannah Montana headsets and cake toppers reminiscent of Happy Meal toys, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots offered themselves up in the "fill a bag" section -- $3 for a medium-sized bag and $5 for a large.

4. A fuzzy teddy bear...thingy for Father's Day We don't know what Dad would think of this bespectacled cutout of a bear that stands nearly two feet tall, but we're pretty sure he'd be just as confused about it as we were. Quite frankly, he'd probably be more interested in either the grab bag holographic Men in Black mousepad or a sack of at least a hundred tiny plastic swans for only $2 spotted across the aisle.

3. Hockey goalie lollipop molds A lot of the candy molds available were kind of hard to make out, but this one left the goal wide open for culinary opportunity. You'd be a sucker to pass this one up!

2. A mountain of displaced plastic wedding party people "That's cute...that's cute...cute, cute, cute!" was overheard from a couple of happy shoppers across the room. Meanwhile, a million matching creepy little eyes peered out from over the edge of this box. Cute, indeed.

1. A box of "Twilight-Edward" edible images For only $5, twelve sheets of sparkly vampires fit for consumption take the cake (originally priced at $2.99-6.99 each). See also: "Birthday Flame," "Tinker Bell Peeking," "Barbie in a Mermaid Tail," and "Nascar - Life Begins at 200 MPH."

ABC's summer clearance sale lasts until July 14. Head over soon to swoop up some fun cake decor.

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Mabel Suen
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