Five Phoenix Bars that should be on the Best Bars in America List

Lets face it: Living in Phoenix means having a love/hate relationship with Phoenix, especially when it's balls hot and there's absolutely nothing to do other than drink cold beer inside our favorite air conditioned drinking establishment. But that's just it. Yeah, Phoenix isn't exactly a top destination city in terms of sightseeing, historical monuments and whatever other touristy crap people do on vacation, but the one thing Phoenix does have is great bars.

So, last week when The Daily Meal came out with a list of 150 Best Bars in America-- with not one in Phoenix, we couldn't help but feel like the fat kid who didn't get picked based on popularity and not logic.

That's why we were inspired to come up with a list of our own of the top five bars around town, complete with category, thus proving a city doesn't need (significant) mass-transit or beaches to have kick-ass bars.

Check out our picks after the jump.


Best College Bar: Casey Moore's

This oyster house/ cool kid college bar is conveniently located in walking fixed-gear riding distance from ASU main campus in Downtown Tempe and always promises enough youth culture and debauchery to make for a helluva good time.

Best Dive Bar: Shady's Fine Ales and Cocktails

There's nothing shady about this neighborhood dive located on the corner of 27th street and Indian School. This hole-in-the-wall may meet all of the necessary requirements of a dive with a pool table, killer jukebox and tv screen playing cult movies -- but the relaxed environment, friendly bartenders, local brews and unpretentious people who know how to drink are entirely representative of local charm.

Best Date Bar: The Roosevelt
Located in a historic house in the Downtown Phoenix arts district, the dimly lit venue offers cozy couches, a cool soundtrack, small plates and an extensive list of beer and wine, and in turn, totally makes us want to take our clothes off.

Best Rum Bar: The Rum Bar at Breadfruit

Yeah, we're pretty sure it's one of the only (if not THE only) rum bars in Phoenix but there's no denying it's legit and damn awesome. Jamaican owner Dwayne Allen created this chic spot that specializes in premium aged rums and authentic Caribbean cocktail concoctions.

Best Blues/ Jazz Bar: Char's Has the Blues
That's right, Phoenix has a blues bar and it's one of our favorite hangouts in town. Char's features live music from talented local and touring OG blues/soul/funk bands, making our blues loving hearts happy and giving Phoenix some well-needed soul.

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