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Five Phoenix Hot Spots for a Potential Prince Harry Sighting

We hear that Prince Harry, a.k.a. The Real Prince Charming, is now just an hour and a half away near Gila Bend for the final leg of his Apache helicopter training. We know he's already made a couple road trips to San Diego during his stay in El Centro so we're hoping he'll make his way to the Valley of the Sun. We may not have a beach to offer the royal party boy, but we do have a bar with a pool. 

So for all you Harry Hunters out there (yeah, it's a real term), save yourself the airfare across the pond. We've got a list of the best potential places to stalk bump into one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

5. The Crescent Ballroom/Cucina 10 
Prince Harry and friends have already checked out local San Diego jam/funk band Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, CA. Based on that excursion, we're guessing he might shy away from the Scottsdale scene for the more laid back atmosphere of The Crescent Ballroom and the casual street food of Cucina 10. Our suggestions for the Prince -- a Friday night in the lounge with DJ Seduce for his weekly Motown & Stax night and one of Chris Bianco's epic pork burritos with green sauce or an evening with Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears and Mercado Veggie Burrito. Yum! 

More Harry hot spots after the jump.

- There is a good chance that after spending time in beautiful San Diego, the prince is going to miss the food and the, um, "scenery" -- and no, we're not talking about the beach. If the Prince does decide to venture into the Scottsdale scene, we think that Spanish Fly might be the spot for Prince Harry.The bar has a pool, tropical drinks, and beach fare. Let's be serious, what beats a bunch of hot girls poolside and street tacos? Yeah, not much. Although, judging by his last visit to a nightclub with a pool, he might not want to get too close to the water. 

3. Dominick's Steakhouse Nothing seems to scream royalty more than the pure opulence on display at Dominick's. Prince Harry once bought out an entire third of a popular bistro in Suffolk, so we're betting the prince won't be able to help himself from checking out Scottsdale's new lavish dining spot.

2. Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Being so far away from home for months at a time, it seems obvious that Harry would eventually want to sit down for afternoon tea to ease his homesickness. Even if the prince doesn't show, having an elegant tea party is the perfect way to get mentally prepared for a future royal lifestyle. Pinkies out, ladies! 

1. Four Peaks Brewery We hear Harry drove 120 miles from his military training site to Coronado Island for a beer and a burger at Mc P's Irish Pub. If he decides to head east (fingers crossed) to satisfy his next beer and a burger cravings, we're thinking he'll want to end up on the patio one of Arizona's best breweries. Handcrafted brews, thick burgers with beer battered fries, and beautiful weather -- we wouldn't think twice about making that drive and if he's smart, he won't either. 

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