Weekend Eats

Five Things to Eat and Drink this Weekend in Metro Phoenix

Looking for something to put in your mouth this weekend? We've got you covered. Check out what's on our plate.

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No To-Maya at Central Bistro

We've all heard the question: "What you would you eat for your last meal on Earth?" Well if you're Central Bistro, the answer is simple. In honor of that whole Mayan brouhaha, Central Bistro is offering a special "No to-Maya" dinner option. For the steep price of $250, you can savor a memorable meal of two double hamburgers topped with foie gras, gruyere, arugula and truffle oil; paired with a bottle of 2007 Bond Matriarch (normally $300). Yes it may be more than you're used to paying for a couple of burgers and a bottle of vino but if it truly is the end of the world, why not go all out? And because Central Bistro has its doubts about the Mayan calendar, this luxury "last" meal will be available all weekend long. To make a reservation or to find out more, visit Central Bistro online.

End of the World Package at the Hermosa Inn

Still standing? Good, because we've got one last "last meal." Lon's at the Hermosa Inn is doing its own take on end-of-the-world dinning with a decadent multi-course dinner of smoked salmon, caviar, oysters, foie gras, black truffle risotto, Mediterranean sea bream, Kobe strip loin, chocolate truffles, artisan cheeses, and, if there's still room, a chocolate souffle. The entire dinner, including wine pairings, totals at $265.

However, for $380, you can purchase the resort's one-night only End of the World Package, which includes a one-night stay for 2, complimentary Machu Picchu cocktails (Lon's signature Doomsday drink), a $36 breakfast credit, and a $100 credit towards the Last Meal at Lon's.

Now that's what we call going out in style. For more information and to make a reservation at either Lon's (602-955-7878) or the Hermosa Inn (602-955-8614), call or visit them online.

Soldier Leisure at Crêpe Bar

Haven't finished your holiday shopping? In the mood for some French-style eating? What a coincidence -- the Crêpe Bar has you covered. This Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, Crêpe Bar's Jeff Kraus has invited Soldier Leisure artist, Andy Brown, to meet, greet, and sell his line of locally made prints, tees, and more. Brown is best known for his mobile store, The Sleisure Wagon (soldier + leisure), as well as his murals along Roosevelt Row and the San Carlos Apartments in Tempe.

As an added bonus the Crêpe Bar will also be holding an Instagram contest till 5 p.m. that same evening. Participants are invited to photograph themselves with a work from the Soldier Leisure line along with the tag lines: @crepe_bar and # SleisureHoliday. Prizes including gift certificates to Crêpe Bar, Crêpe Bar Tumblers, and Sleisure style gifts will be awarded to first, second and third place contestants. For more information visit Crêpe Bar on Facebook.

Backgammon and board games at Astor House

In keeping with the goal of throwing one special community event every month, Astor House is throwing a backgammon tournament this Saturday at 4 p.m. Only 16 spots are available and interested participants are encouraged to call 602-687-9775 or email [email protected] to reserve a spot. For those looking to share a meal or some cocktails over less competitive activities, Astor House will also be providing a variety of board games for guests to play on a first come, first serve basis.

Spirits of the Season in Downtown Phoenix

Because nothing pairs better with the holiday season than a good cocktail, Downtown Phoenix has invited more than 15 urban bars and restaurants including Province, The Duce, and Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails to create their own take on seasonal-inspired concoctions in a 6 week competition they call Spirits of the Season.

Though the competition ended Thursday, December 20, these signature drinks will be available through December 31. Unsure where to start? We suggest visiting District American Kitchen & Wine Bar for the Santa's Bellini - a light and progressive take on holiday drinking with handmade cranberry compote, simple syrup, Frangelico Hazelnut Liquor, Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine and a garnish of fresh mint. For a full list of participating businesses and their holiday cocktails, visit Downtown Phoenix online.

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