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Five Tips for Making DIY Fortune Cookies

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The original recipe comes from Martha Stewart, which fails to warn about 3rd degree burns (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit), and doesn't really offer a lot of help.

Here are some tips I picked up along the way:

First - Write out some sweet nothings on small pieces of paper. Mine were about 1cm x 4cm. I also think it would be nice - for those people living the family life - to write some out as coupons, like - "Good for one full day of no dish washing." Are you listening, out there?!?

Second - Martha's website provides a stencil for the cookies, which I wasn't able to print out. Instead I drew a stencil onto the back side of a piece of parchment paper using a 24oz can as a guide, bu after making a few batches, I don't think this step is critical.

Third - This is a little tricky. Place about a teaspoon's worth of batter in the center of the circle and spread it thin. The first few times, my batter was too thick, resulting in a cake-like cookie that couldn't be manipulated into a fortune cookie shape. Also, my circles ended up being a little too wide for the look I was going for.

Now the real fun begins...

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