Five Veggie Dishes We'd Give Up Meat For

In honor of Meatless Monday, we present five meat-free dishes from Valley restaurants that we'd happily eat all week long.

1. Mongolian Delight, Loving Hut

It looks like beef, smells like beef -- even feels like beef when you bite into it. But the "beef" in the Mongolian Delight from the all-vegetarian Loving Hut is really "soy protein." Trust us, tastes better than it sounds.

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2. Fried Green Tomatoes from FnB

We know, we know, it's all about the leeks. FnB's Braised Leeks with Mozzarella are world-famous. But give us a plate of fried green tomatoes with greens and feta cheese, and we're over the moon.

3. House Dynamite with Tofu from Sens

Johnny Chu has such a way with sauce, you'll never miss the meat in his stir fry dishes -- though your carnivorous companions can chomp chicken, beef or shrimp while you nibble on the tofu tossed in a sweet spicy sauce with peppers, sugar peas, pineapple and baby corn in Chu's House Dynamite.

4. Chickpea Ceviche, Bombay Spice

When we heard the menu changed at Bombay Spice, we raced to check online to confirm our favorite dish still holds court on the appetizer list. Phew. The Chickpea Ceviche is safe -- a delicious bowl of cold chickpeas tossed in a tangy tamarind/mint/yogurt sauce with onions and tomatoes.

5. Mozzerella Sandwich, Pane Bianco

Freshmade bread and cheese, organic tomatoes and basil -- and a drizzle of olive oil. Chris Bianco's sandwich is simply the best. We never miss meat when we order it, and that's what a good vegetarian dish should be: its own indulgence.

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