Fix Your Grapefruit Woes with this Pinterest-Inspired Grapefruit Recipe Roundup

It's grapefruit season in Arizona! Only I've never liked grapefruit. I've tried to like them. I want to like them.

I recently decided to give this local citrus another chance when I happened across this photo on Pinterest. I'm a smoothie junkie and have been stuck in a serious smoothie rut for months. This recipe combines fresh grapefruit juice with frozen strawberries, bananas, and ice, and it was absolutely perfect! My whole family loved it. It's just a bit tangy and super refreshing. It's especially great in the morning, served as breakfast.

This turn of events led me to wonder: how much grapefruit goodness have I been missing out on? Was this just a fluke? Do I actually like it now?

Read on to find out...

For some serious inspiration, I decided to do a grapefruit search on Pinterest. As always, Pinterest came to the rescue with some lovely looking grapefruit concoctions, but what really caught my eye were the margaritas and mojitos. Yes, please! I knew I'd like those.

These mojitos by Iowa Girl Eats have turned me into a grapefruit fiend (in that link there is also a recipe for a Grapefruit Chicken Satay) -- I must have more! I'm making up for lost time, after all.

I couldn't stop at the drinks. The next thing I tried were Grapefruit Honey Yogurt Scones by Joy the Baker. I love baking scones and I love Joy the Baker.

These scones were excellent. Finding fresh grapefruit in every bite is a real treat. My favorite part of the recipe was making the grapefruit sugar. Joy teaches us to blend the citrus zest with the sugar in order to infuse it. This is my new favorite trick! I couldn't stop dipping my finger in it. I think I'm gonna make another batch for some tea.

After this I went crazy pinning grapefruit related recipes to my Pinterest boards. Find a list of my favorite finds after the break. Grapefruit Recipe Roundup

I'd love to know if you try any of these recipes! Happy grapefruit season to you.

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