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FnB Goes BYOB For the Summer: Whoops!

Does FnB still mean food and beverage? Not for now. This summer, FnB stands for food and BYOB.

Curiously, after I attempted to contact FnB owner Pavle Milic this morning in regards to a rumor I'd heard about the award-winning restaurant in Scottsdale having problems with its liquor license (he said he would call me after he took his kids to swimming lessons), a press release popped up explaining that a pre-existing liquor license error on the property had been discovered and that an expedited BYOB license had been granted. 

According to FnB's release, the restaurant's landlord is currently working with the Arizona Department of Liquor and the City of Scottsdale to set things straight.

A little embarrassing for a restaurant that's made its name not only for cutting-edge, delicious food but on pairing that food with the highest-quality Arizona wines. Milic's even presented on AZ wine at Ignite.

What's all this mean for FnB guests?

Effective immediately, FnB is BYOB, charging a $15 corkage fee or waiving it if guests bring in a local Arizona wine.

The press release also explained that FnB hopes to have the situation resolved sometime in September following the August sabbatical of FnB owners Millic and chef Charleen Badman.

As of this posting, I have not heard back from Pavle. Those kids must be having one hell of a swimming lesson.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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