FnB in the Works for Former Digestif/Sea Saw Space

Effin' A, they're calling it



Restaurateur Peter Kasperski has teamed up former Digestif GM Pavle Milic -- who just gave notice at Prado -- and chef Charleen Badman of Rancho Pinot to open another gastropub in the Stetson Drive space that was the longtime home of Sea Saw, and until last week, Digestif.

There's no menu yet, but the spot may be open as soon as Thanksgiving, according to the Republic.

It's interesting to see that Milic is getting back on board with Kasperski's Spaghetti Western Productions, given the unfortunate downsizing and sudden demise of Digestif, the shelved plans for Shell Shock and Mexican Standoff (which were supposed to open at SouthBridge), and persistent rumors of payroll problems at some of Kasperski's restaurants. This has been a rough year for the company.

(Of course, when Milic left Digestif back in March, he had nothing but good things to say about his boss and mentor.)

Spaghetti Western PR gal Mari Markogianis was unreachable this afternoon due to vacation, and we're hoping to hear back from Kasperski on the details. 

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