FnB's Charleen Badman to Host Chinese Pop Up + Beer Pairing

Remember the giant shitstorm early last summer, when Pavle Milic of FnB innocently asked his Facebook buds which restaurant he should take his mom to for great fried rice? You'd have thought Western Civilization depended on the answer, as people stridently defended their positions on New York-style Chinese, local fried rice, and everything in between.

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Just to "stir the turd," as Milic's chef-partner Charleen Badman so eloquently put it, Badman made shrimp fried rice that very Sunday for late-night, and it was fabulous. Now she's got a hankering to take the idea a bit further, and here's what that will look like:

She's doing a Chinese Pop Up + beer pairing at FnB this Tuesday, April 23, at 6:30 p.m. But the story gets juicier.

Her collaborator on the project is friend and fellow explorer Helen Yung, Sweet Republic co-owner and ice cream-maker extraordinaire, a woman who grew up in Hong Kong and makes a point to try (and Instagram) every Chinese restaurant worth knowing in this town. Yung swears she's merely a consultant, but Badman says, "I'm making her cook." Either way, it promises to be a delicious (and possibly modern) take on traditional Chinese, bargain-priced at $45 per person.

The menu looks like this:

Tea eggs + pickled ginger Scallion pancakes Garlic cucumber + black fungus Spicy Dan Dan noodles Fava + pickles + tofu sheets Yu Xiang eggplant Pea shoots Braised pork belly + jasmine rice Szechuan chocolate ice cream + almond cookie

If you're interested call 480-284-4777 for reservations ASAP. Last we checked, the event was a little over half sold out.

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