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FnB's Spring Menu and Crispy Onion Rings in Today's Eater's Digest

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Springtime at FnB
Pavle Millic and Chef Charleen Badman have done it again. We just got a glimpse at Scottsdale restaurant FnB's latest menu and it sounds enchanting. Highlights of the spring menu include rock shrimp served with jalapeno tartar, braised leeks with mozzarella, fried green tomatoes, grilled spicy broccoli, crispy roast Jidori chicken and a pasta dish with asparagus and green garlic. The 2010 Best New Restaurant of the Year is still keeping it local with their all-Arizona wine list and almost-all-Arizona beer list. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming spring events including wine dinners, vegetarian dinners, and even a fried chicken night.

Onion Rings from the Oven?
Can you really achieve the same crunchy, greasy wonderfulness of an onion ring by baking it in an oven? Apparently you can if you coat them in saltines and potato chips. We're pretty stoked to try out this recipe for Oven-Fried Onion Rings especially since we have a bad tendency of burning ourselves when we try and fry anything. And yes, you're probably right, they are just as unhealthy as the traditional rings. We don't really care. It's Friday.

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