Follow Friday: 5 Bars That Are Awesome Tweeters

The only thing that sucks more than being addicted to Twitter is following your local dive bar and seeing updates from them every month or so. This time we've got a list of favorite bars that tweet well -- and often.

Check out whose tweets caught our eye after the jump!

Taste of Tops (@TasteofTops)

Tops' tweets are better than your average bar, with tons of info dropped about newly tapped drinks, deals, and special events.

Blue Martini (@bluemartiniphx)

This Phoenix martini lounge tweets almost nonstop about happy hours, drink specials, pictures of all the action and well-wishing for Hump Day.

AZ/88 (@AZ88thebar)

AZ/88's Twitter is definitely more personal -- without constantly shouting into your timeline about ladies' night or $3 drafts. AZ/88 tweets about fun martini contests they're holding, twitpics of awesome food and scenery, and upcoming events. Plus they actually reply to questions posed to them from followers.

The Lost Leaf (@TheLostLeaf)

Lost Leaf might seem a bit too much like a show promoter on their Twitter, but they're great if you like discovering new music and artists at low key places. At the very least, Lost Leaf keeps you on top of upcoming performers and tastings at the bar.

SanTan Brewing Company (@SanTanBrewing)

SanTan is another Twitter fiend we love simply because they keep active and give awesome insider info on their account. SanTan tweets about the usual bar fair such as festivals and lunch specials, but even cooler is their teasing of new seasonal brews and spur of the moment deals.

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Christen Bejar
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