Follow Friday: Twitterers of the AZ Wine World

It's that time again. We've compiled a small but meaningful list of great Twitter-ers for any Phoenix foodie to follow. This week we're giving Arizona grapes the glory.

Arizona Wine Growers Association (@AZWineries) This non-profit is committed to help make Arizona wine some of the most desirable and delectable wines in the nation.

Verde Valley Wine Trail (@VVWineTrail)
If you have a sweet spot for Northern Arizona and wine, here's where you can get regular updates on happenings and the four wineries up there.

AZ Vines & Wines (@AZVinesandWines)
Rhonni Boss-Moffitt from the print mag Arizona Vines and Wines is aiming to create a "one-stop shop" web presence for Arizona wine too. She's a regular tweeter and will keep you up to date on everything you want to know about Arizona wine.

AZ Grape Escapes (@AZGrapeEscapes)
Interested in the finding a tour guide to learn about Arizona wine? These folks can help. Want to host an in-home Arizona wine experience? They've got that covered, too.

Have a suggestion for someone we should follow? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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