Follow Friday: Valley Vegan Twitterers

It's that time again. We've compiled a small but meaningful list of great Twitter accounts for any Phoenix foodie to follow. We wanted to feature a few meat-free resources in the Valley, and here are a few to follow on this Friday.

Damon Brasch (@greendamon) Chef Damon Brasch tweets for his award-winning, vegan-vegetarian restaurant Green Vegetarian. Find loads of creative flavorful choices at this casual Tempe eatery. Try the Jerk Tofu Salad with Jamaican Jungle Dressing.

Kristen's Raw (@KristensRaw)
Raw vegan chef and author (and former competitive bodybuilder), Kristen Suzanne tweets and blogs about helping people "live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world." Find loads of vegan (and raw) recipes on her blog.

Z Pizza (@zpizza)
We have 3 locations in Arizona (all in the Valley) of this California-based pizzeria. You can get vegan and gluten-free options with these brick fired pizzas. Not just one or two choices, but a good portion of the entire menu can be made vegan friendly.

Have a suggestion for someone we should follow? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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