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Fondue-ing It up for Charity at The Melting Pot and Lemon Garlic Prawns in Today's Eater's Digest

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Fondue-Raiser at the Melting Pot
For the rest of 2011, The Melting Pot restaurants will be helping raise fund for local charities with their special "Classic Combination Four-Course Fondue Rasier". Grab a friend or two and stop by any of the three Valley locations for an evening of savory meats, seafood, veggies, and pasta served with a your choice of sauces. Dinner includes a cheddar cheese starter fondue, salad, and of course a rich chocolate dessert fondue.  During the month of August, a portion of the proceeds from the "fondue raiser" will be donated to the Ear Candy charities. Ear Candy is a phoenix charity focused on providing funding for children's music programs.  $32.50 per person, two person minimum. Pair your meal with Santa Rita wines for just $10 more. 

Dublin Prawns

Okay so we don't live in Dublin or anywhere near any sort of a coastline, but we can still dream right? And that's exactly what we are doing while we gaze at that bowl of buttery lemon garlic Dublin prawns (or langoustines). Click here to see the recipe and the drool-worthy photos at Edible Ireland. 

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