Fondues and Fondon'ts From The Melting Pot's 10th Anniversary Party

This past Tuesday, The Melting Pot in Ahwatukee held a 10th Anniversary bash with complimentary wine, cigars and lots and lots of fondue. To help you wade through the 10-step experience that is The Melting Pot -- and to showcase the food porn we captured during the anniversary event -- we've compiled a helpful list of Do's and Don'ts while dining at this popular fondue restaurant. Enjoy!

DON'T load up on too much bread and cheesy goodness during the cheese fondue course. If you do, you won't make it to the best part of the meal -- dessert.

DO bring a timer, watch or cell phone. Otherwise, you're goose will be cooked... as badly as your meat. 

DO experiment with beef cooking times. They say 3 minutes, but if you prefer yours rare or well done, you'll obviously need to adjust that. DON'T play with cooking times on shellfish, chicken or pork unless you think sitting in the ER together is a romantic way to end a date.

Perhaps you'll get some ideas for later.

DO drizzle your dessert. Rice Krispie treats and marshmallows can be dipped directly into the fondue pot, but you'll lose the cheesecake forever if you try to dunk it in.

More pics of the 10th Anniversary event on the next page...


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