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A Call for Citrus
It's winter citrus season and we know for a fact that some of you are up to your ears in lemons, oranges and grapefruit because you keep asking us if we want any and no matter where we go we end up leaving with a bag of oranges and lemons even though we have our own trees with too much fruit. This year, how about donating some of that unwanted citrus to Valley food banks instead of pawning it off on your friend and family? Arizona food banks are making their yearly call for citrus donations and would love your harvest. Call the St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance at 602-343-5658 or the United Food Bank 480-926-4897 to learn more about donating your harvest this year and if you cannot actually pick the fruit yourself, the food banks can sometimes make arrangements to have your trees picked by a volunteer crew (elderly and disabled people are given priority and some food banks may ask for a donation to cover their services). 

Food Banks Need Your Citrus and Healthy Chicken Pasta in Today's Eater's Digest

Healthy Eats

One of the hardest parts of attempting to eat healthy is figuring out things to make for dinner that don't consist of boring chicken breasts and the typical tri-color steamed veggie bag. Spice things up a bit with this Sauteed Chicken Cherry Tomato Pasta dish. We gave it a whirl last night and it was outstanding. We even sauteed a couple handfuls of fresh spinach in for an extra boost of green. Check out this recipe and more low fat recipes here

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