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Food Inc. Coming to Scottsdale Movie Theater

Food Inc., the documentary film that's got major, major buzz right now, is indeed opening at Harkins Camelview -- but not until July 24, according to Magnolia Pictures.

If you want to see it sooner than that, you'll have to go to pretty much any other major or minor city in the U.S. It'll even screen in Tucson a week before here.

Directed by Robert Kenner and co-produced by Eric Schlosser (known for his book Fast Food Nation), it's an expose on our nation's food industry that unveils the unsavory truths about factory farming -- something you might already be familiar with if you've read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan (who is featured in the film). Here's a great essay from The Atlantic about why this film is a must-see.



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Michele Laudig
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