Food Network Films at Sweet Republic... And Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe?

The Food Network folks are in town and busy. We hear they stopped by Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe yesterday for fried chicken with Beau MacMillian, before hitting up Sweet Republic today for Alton Brown's favorite take on Banofi Pie -- a double scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with fresh bananas, toffee buttercrunch, salted butter caramel and whipped cream -- both for upcoming episodie's of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."

Before getting ready for filming this morning, co-ownerJan Wichayanuparp mused she wished she had been scooping behind the counter when Brown himself first visited the shop and tasted the treat.

Jan and business partner, Helen Yung, busily prepped for filming as a line of fans -- Sweet Republic regulars sprinkled with a few new to the shop's delights -- waited outside to sample the artisan ice cream.

Once inside, more than one customer returned to the counter for seconds, polishing off a sundae or two.The Campfire S'more, a double scoop Belgian chocolate with toasted-to-order handmade marshmallows and hot fudge on waffle bowl ran a popular second to Alton's pick.

Information has not been released regarding when the episode will be aired. Stay tuned to keep posted -- and we'll get you info on the Mrs. White's segment if that one turns out to be true.

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Carol Blonder