Diablo Burger
Diablo Burger
Luncha Libre

Food Trucks Now Serving Up Mobile Eats to Hungry ASU Students Every Wednesday

Let's face it: Higher education makes you hungry. (BRAIN FOOD!) And if you're a Tempe ASU student, chances are you're looking for some grub that's not only convenient and wallet-friendly, but damn tasty, too.

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Now, thankfully, there are some answers for that. And they come in the form of four wheels every Wednesday.

From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., every Wednesday, on the corner of Forest and Sixth Street north of Tempe's ASU campus, five food trucks will be cookin' up their signature eats for hungry students as well as anyone else in search of mobile kitchen cuisine.

What's on tap? How 'bout Filipino street food from Hey Joe!, gourmet dogs from Short Leash, Arizona-inspired fare from Luncha Libre, barbecue eats from Q UP Barbecue, and flavorful pies from Mama Toledo.

And for die-hard Sun Devils fans, don't miss Luncha Libre's Diablo Burger -- a half-pound patty of ground beef, chorizo, queso fresco, serranos, Jack cheese, and sriracha.

Now go forth, fill up, and get that edumacation your parents keep bragging to their friends about.

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