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Natalie Morris
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Foodista Natalie Morris Offers Her Own 12-Days-of-Christmas Locavore Gift-Guide

On the off chance we haven't provided you with enough holiday gift-giving ideas for every conceivable kind of food and drink-oriented person in the universe (did we overlook the gluten-free, nut-allergic grill-master on the Paleo diet?), we thought we'd hook you up with local food maven Natalie Morris, who is posting her own gift-giving guide on her blog, which is part of her Good Food Allies website.

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Morris, who has written for Edible Phoenix, worked for Community Food Connections to connect farmers with chefs and served as Partnerships Chair for Slow Food Phoenix has built her career around the local food movement, founding Good Food Allies, described on her website as a "grassroots-focused implementation services and peer-to-peer relations firm dedicated to sustainable and profitable livability for small-scale farmers and artisan food producers."

Translation: She lives local, helping the little guys who produce our food connect and thrive. She knows whereof she speaks, and she's offering up a good food idea each day based around local food producers/vendors and the yummy things they grow, make and sell.

Yesterday, she featured Laura Mulchay's and Joel LaTondress' new pop-up cheese shop at, which seems just right for right now. Now we can't wait to see what else she'll recommend. Check her out at

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