For Food/Science Nerds: Molecular Gastronomy Kits from Albert and Ferran Adrià of elBuli

Presenting the right gift for at-home chefs who've mastered the art of the souffle and can turn out a perfect paella with one hand tied behind their backs: the Easy Kit, your guide to molecular gastronomy techniques including spherification, gelification and even suspension.

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Say it with us: "Ooooohhh, ahhhhh."

Sure, there are other similar kits out there, but these come from two of the world's best chefs, the brothers Adrià. Ferran Adrià and Albert Adrià are the siblings behind elBuli, the three-star Michelin restaurant that operated in Catalonia, Spain, until closing in 2011.

The kits come in four variations:

Each costs $92 and includes all the necessary equipment to "to apply well-known techniques used in cutting-edge gastronomy."

For example, the cocktail kit will allow you to impress even your most hipster mixology friends with mojito spheres, cosmopolitans with suspended fruit, and alcoholic airs. Of course, it wouldn't be authentic if the kits didn't also allow you to master the art of the sphere, which is one of the duo's "most emblematic techniques."

The kits are available online and can be shipped worldwide.

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