For the Grillmaster or Aspiring Chef: Artisan Sea Salts from Go Lb. Salt

Here at Chow Bella, we understand how important it is to give (and receive) the perfect foodie gift. So this season, we're helping out by offering 21 food- and drink-focused gift suggestions, one each work day until Christmas, from a local business or provider. You get scads of rock-star ideas, the dollars stay in the Valley, and we get to go shopping -- win, win, win!

18: For the Grillmaster or Aspiring Chef: Artisan Sea Salts from Go Lb. Salt

Salt. This staple of seasoning in the culinary world can get crazy unique, with specialized blends designed to make even the most basic of dishes extra tasty. And as a gift for the gourmet or grillmaster in you life, artisan salts are a great way to say, "Go nuts with these, then invite me over to eat."

Local salt purveyors and farmers market denizens Go Lb. Salt, (the name a nod to a menial salt mine position then akin to telling someone to, "go fly a kite"), offer several affordable salt-centered gift boxes pre-packaged or ready to be custom-built by you.

With natural and organic sea salts like Bolivian Rose and Hawaiian Black; smoked sea salts (great for proteins) like Coconut & Lime, Hickory, and Applewood; and goodies like Himalayan Aromatic sea salts and Black Truffle salt, the amount of choices can seem a bit overwhelming. No worries. Go Lb. Salt offers sampler packs and gift boxes with helpful usage descriptions in a price range ($10 to $40) that won't shaft the salt mine.

And the gift of seasoning doesn't stop at salt. Go Lb. Salt also offers premium imported peppercorns and pepper berries, certified organic flavored cane sugars, and Facon -- a natural and organic bacon-flavored seasoning.

Check out Go Lb. Salt at the Gilbert Farmers Market, or for more details and to order online, go here.

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