Battle of the Dishes

Forefathers vs. Philly's Famous: Philly Cheesesteak Challenge

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In This Corner: Forefathers

The Setup: Forefathers, located in Tempe, has the look of a chain restaurant from the interior (think similar to Chipotle's); however, it is completely family owned. Tony and Mary Crump started the restaurant as a way to provide Valley area residents with authentic cheesesteaks. Customers can select a regular ($7.75) or large ($10.75) sized sandwich, which comes with your choice of chicken or steak, and four choices of cheese: provolone, Cheese Whiz, white American or mozzarella.

The Good: We selected the regular sized cheesesteak made with thinly sliced sirloin, American cheese, onions and green peppers. The sandwich was prepared quickly and had an ample portion of steak. Service was friendly here and the restaurant was very busy when we arrived during dinner time.

The Bad: The cheese-to-steak ratio was a little off and the sandwich was really messy; half of the steak ended up on our tray.

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