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Forty More Food(ie) Terms to Ban From Your Culinary Vocabulary

Chow recently compiled a list of the 40 words they wish would go into the woods and make wounded animal noises. We've taken a look ourselves and have to agree with their consensus, particularly in light of Laurie Notaro's stable of doomed food words. Indeed, we see now that we will seriously need to reconsider our word choice the future. Except "food porn," simply because we like it.

Some of our favorite cringe-y entries on the list:

1. Foodgasm: Ah, another banal portmanteu this is something that would be hilarious if your friend used it while struggling to describe a fantastic wine pairing at a shockingly good restaurant. Without that conversational connection, it just summons images of carrots twitching uncomfortably.

2. Sold Like Hotcakes: This idiom has been around for decades, probably since before World War II. Longevity might happen for a reason but a food item selling "like hotcakes" dances dangerously close to saying "the hotcakes sold like hotcakes."

3. Sinfully Delicious: Oh and what sin would that be? Gluttony? Lust? Avarice? Are you indicating that this chocolate cake is so good that its maker should be stoned for bringing it into the world?

4. Quaff: If you're serious about having a desire to quaff a tasty beverage then drop me an email because I have half-orc multi-class druid/bard all rolled up and ready to go for either 4th or 3.5 edition D&D.

5. Notes of...: Sideways and its hilarious Japanese remake called, they want their filler phrases back.

6. Instant Classic: We really have to wonder how many times such an instantaneous classic has actually remained, well, classic.

7. Saddle Up to the Bar: Unless you ride a horse to work everyday, please avoid using this phrase or you risk sounding even more disingenuous than certain leading political candidates.

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