Four Loko Lemon-Lime

When we heard that Four Loko "alcoholic energy drinks" were being called "blackout in a can" and that the FDA recently banned their current formulas, we decided we had to try it.

Phusion Projects, the company that makes Four Loko, has announced it will remove caffeine, taurine, and guarana from its products. So before they disappear from shelves, we decided to try the Four Loko lemon-lime flavor and see if there's really such a thing as an energizing alcoholic drink (by the way, this story in the L.A. Times describes why caffeine and alcohol is a "dangerous" combination).

We usually love anything lemon-lime flavored, as it's hard to screw up. But as soon as we popped the top on our Four Loko, the potent smell hit us. It was like a combination of lemon soda and Lysol. We couldn't imagine it would taste good, and we weren't wrong.

Whatever people drink Four Loko for, we can't imagine it's the flavor. Our lemon-lime tasted like a combination of crappy, sugary lemon soda and cough syrup. Malt liquor and citrus flavors aren't a great match. Frankly, it tasted disgusting, and we had to force ourselves to take at least six swigs before writing this review.

Obviously, we couldn't drink enough of the Four Loko to get either energized or snockered. And since the only reason we'd ever drink this again would be to get drunk, we don't recommend it for fellow caffiends.

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