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Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter Has Arrived. It's Officially Fall!

As all true Phoenix food lovers know, it's not officially fall until you can roll over to Four Peaks Brewery and order a pint of Pumpkin Porter. After all, it's not like the weather gives us any hint as to autumn's arrival and since cacti don't have leaves, we can't look out for changing colors of foliage.

Instead it's Tempe's Four Peaks fall seasonal beer by which we Phoenicians mark our calendars. And as of last Sunday, fall is officially on tap.

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Four Peaks released their Pumpkin Porter at 10 p.m. on Sunday at both the 8th Street location in Tempe and at the taproom in Scottsdale The popular local brew was made available at the Wilson taproom in Tempe yesterday. Pints, pitchers, and growler fills are are available.

Those who want to pick up a six-pack to drink at home will have to wait until Monday, September 29, when the brew will hit shelves at stores statewide.

In case you haven't tried Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter (and therefore don't understand why so many Valley beer drinks are kind of obsessed), here are a few facts:

  • Pumpkin Porter's eponymous ingredient is added to the brew in the form of pumpkin puree, but this wasn't always the case.
  • Long ago, according to Four Peaks owner/brewer Andy Ingram, the brewery used Jack-o-Lanterns that had survived Halloween night. Brewers then had the joy of carving the gourds into manageable slices, roasting them in the restaurant's pizza ovens, and adding them to the mash.
  • In the decade they've been brewing Pumpkin Porter, Four Peaks has never altered the malt bill.

For more about the beer, check our Pumpkin Porter craft beer review from a few years ago.

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