Fox Hole

"Good Morning, Arizona!"

Bite Me about leapt out of her Lucky Jeans when she was rudely awakened by some loud-ass morning DJ's cock-a-doodle declaration that the dawn had indeed arrived. Let's catch y'all up. See, your ever-perky host had spent the previous afternoon at the Fox Sports Grill soaking up the Super Bowl and a few too many gin and tonics. In an effort to avoid the cops that she's heard are pretty free-fisted with their batons, Bite Me decided to sleep off her stumble in the parking lot of the upscale sports grill in Scottsdale, and she slept straight through 'til dawn.

Still groggy, Bite Me became aware that the cell phone perched near her thigh had begun bleeping out its freaky chicken cant. She answered and was treated to a screaming fit from her editor wondering where in Sam Hill her column was.

What an ass. Bite Me held the phone about a foot from her ear, and so she only caught bits and pieces . . . something about last week's My Florist Cafe column being 10 minutes late, blah blah blah. But you don't care what a Nazi Bite Me works for, so she'll just save you all the drama and reassure everyone that she remains firmly employed . . . for now.

So grab a brewski and take a little trip to a sporto bar in the throes of Super Bowl hysteria, at least as well as Bite Me can remember it.

Nutshell? Fox Sports Grill's food smelled great and looked delish as it passed by her on trays carried by pretty and polished staffers. Tons of TVs blared the game, which even Bite Me, a non-sports fan pickled by gin, could tell was a total letdown. Who knew those mean-ass Raiders could be such a bunch of pussies?

Most of the folks at Fox really didn't seem to mind, but that's because they were mostly hot chicks who looked like they had their plastic surgeons on speed dial, and the smooth fellas downing lots of liquid courage before going on strafing runs.

God Bless Football and the American Way.

Janel Dunn


Bite Me: What brings you to Fox Sports Grill today, chickie?

Janel: I'm here on vacation with friends from Portland, Oregon. We took a semester off from Portland City College.

Bite Me: A scholar! I'm a brainiac myself. What do you want to be when you grow up? (And Bite Me meant this only figuratively. Frankly, if this chick grows a millimeter, she's gonna be a beanstalk.)

Janel: Well, I'm 21, so I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards business.

Bite Me: Risky business, you mean. I know your kind. Hey, you a sports fan?

Janel: No. I'd rather play sports than watch them. I like basketball, football, hockey. (Suddenly Janel's beer-guzzlin' barnacle of a boy-toy, Xavier, decides to interrogate Bite Me.)

Xavier: And what do you play?

Bite Me: I got mad skills in dominoes and tonsil hockey. So did you two just meet tonight? I noticed you were offering her a job when I walked up. You visiting here as well?

Xavier Juarez

Restaurant manager

Xavier: I'm from Denver.

Bite Me: Hey, we've got a monster paper in Denver . . . Westword. It's the bomb.

Xavier: Yeah, it is the bomb. It's huge. (Xavier suddenly motions to Bite Me that he'd prefer that her tape recorder stop suckin' down his words. Bite Me obeys only to suffer through Xavier rambling on drunkenly about why his reptilian restaurant doesn't advertise in the best paper in its town. Bite Me yawns.)

Bite Me: You best be sayin' it's the bomb.

Xavier: It is. We just don't advertise in Westword.

Bite Me: They must be devastated. So, who are you rooting for in there?

Xavier: Tampa Bay because the Raiders suck. I'm from Denver and we hate the Raiders.

Bite Me: Why's that? 'Cause they're gangsters?

Xavier: You want a really good quote? Romanowski's a pill taker. We didn't even want him on our team, hated him because he spit on somebody. (Something tells Bite Me that Xavier ain't the best spokesperson for Denver. Nor should his defamatory remarks about a pro football fella be taken with less than 40 grains of salt.)

Bite Me: Did he spit on you?

Xavier: He spit on another team member. You didn't hear about that?

Bite Me: Must have been napping during that special report. I'm not a fan of contact spitters, though.

Xavier: He was always the only Bronco I never liked.

Bite Me: I hope he took it well. So, you're getting Janel a job?

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