Free Food Photography Online Workshop This Weekend

If you've ever tried to photograph your food at home, you know that it's tricky business. It looks and tastes so good but then you check the viewfinder of your digital camera and it looks like a yellow-tinted blob.

Want to make your images look like what you see in your favorite food mags? We were so excited to see a tweet from blogger, Ree Drummond (@thepioneerwoman), that one of her favorite food photographers, Penny De Los Santos, is offering an online workshop this weekend. The live version this weekend is FREE - if you miss it though, it'll be $99 after this weekend. It starts this Friday, May 13th at 10 a.m. and runs through Sunday.

De Los Santos is an award winning, internationally published photographer. You can find her work at Saveur Magazine, where she is a Senior Contributing photographer. She's also a regular photographer for National Geographic Magazine and Martha Stewart Living.

Her work isn't just about the food, she likes to "explore and celebrate culture, history and community through the lens food."

Here's the introduction video on the course website about De Los Santos:

This master class this weekend sounds like a must for anyone who wishes to take their food photography to the next level, whether it's for their own photobook, blog or business. Check it out.

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