Free Ice Cream at TEXAZ Grill This Thursday

We're always on the lookout for good deals here at Chow Bella. It's not just about the economy. Everyone's on a budget -- in good times and in bad -- and better deals means more opportunities to sample some of the local cuisine and libations to be had around town.

On Thursday, April 21, TEXAZ Grill in Phoenix is celebrating San Jacinto Day (the official Texas state holiday commemorating its victory over Mexico at the end of the Texas Revolution) with the cleverly named "Remember the Ala Mode" event, featuring specials including a free Dixie cup of Blue Bell ice cream for every customer.

TEXAZ will also be dishing out a Kahlua and tequila shake, The Longhorn (a Dr. Pepper and Kahlua cocktail), Cowboy Coffee, and a truly frightening concoction called the Sam Houston Sundae, a parfait of pork and mashed potatoes with a spicy hot pepper "cherry" garnish on top. At $6, it's a pretty good meal deal. But diners who don't like their meats and starches to touch might want to wash the crazy combo down with a Prickly Pear Margarita to forget that whole creepy "sundae" part.

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