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Lonely Planet digs up a few hotel gems.

There's no rule that says I can't make a New Year's resolution in May, right? Well, from now on, I'm going to start giving away more free stuff to Chow Bella readers.

I'll make it as easy and painless as possible -- I'll post what I've got, and you email me if you want it. Be fast, dibs it, and I'll mail it to you.

Right now, I have some groovy travel books that the Lonely Planet people sent to promote their new website, Haystack. It's an online booking service featuring unique, off-the-beaten track properties that have been visited and recommended by Lonely Planet writers. A lot of the featured hotels don't even have websites of their own, so booking them through Haystack saves people the trouble of making international phone calls and faxes. (I haven't personally used the site, but I love travel, and half the fun of any trip is in the planning.)

Of course, the first thing I turned to in these travel guides was the "Eating" section. Now I'm hungry for some Thai noodles...

Anyway, I have books on Bangkok, Buenos Aires, and Barcelona. Shoot me an email and tell me which one you want!

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