Fried: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Three hundred and fifty calories ...

By Sarah Fenske

This morning, some time after breakfast but before lunch, I ate 54 percent of my daily allotment of saturated fat. Fifty-four percent! Do you know how little that leaves for french fries at lunch, for butter at dinner, for any sort of dessert?

What happened was this: I ventured into the new Krispy Kreme at 7th Street and Roosevelt, and I ate a doughnut -- one freakin' donut. As it turns out, I stupidly chose one of the very fattiest on the menu (who knew that a Chocolate Iced/Kreme Filled doughnut is literally twice as bad for you as an Original Glazed?) and then I ate the whole thing. As a result, I'm now roughly the size of a McMansion. Ick.

I had been warned about Krispy Kremes. When I lived in Texas, the doughnut chain had storefronts on seemingly every corner -- and people just raved about the product. But for a Yankee experiencing the wonders of Houston cuisine for the first time, a doughnut seemed like a terrible waste of calories. In the neighborhood I worked in, you could get super cheap Vietnamese sandwiches, red beans and rice with gumbo, cheesey Tex Mex, barbeque, or chicken fried steak -- all in a matter of blocks. What use did I have for fried dough?

Then I moved to the Valley, and soon after, the Krispy Kremes here closed their doors. It wasn't until recently that the company was again open for business in Phoenix.

The shop on Roosevelt, which shares a parking lot with Quizno's, is a big airy room with its own drive-through. Frankly, it seems a little spacious for a store that sells only a single product ... but it's a good looking space nevertheless. For $1.03, I got my first ever Krispy Kreme doughnut and a little paper hat, just like the workers there wear -- a look that's apparently a bit of a cult classic in certain circles. I was feeling pretty happy.

And then I ate the damn thing.

It was heavier than most doughnuts, which I wasn't thrilled with. I like the powdery porousness of a Dunkin Donut; this had a great buttery taste, but a more compressed texture. I honestly thought, after my first bite, I might just stop at half.

Then I got to the kreme filling.

Oh. My. God.

I don't know how they do it, but the kreme is incredibly silky smooth -- yet you feel like you can almost taste the individual sugar crystals! And there, mixed up with the powdered sugar flavor, is this faint hint of sour cream. It's really incredible.

Of course, three hours later, it doesn't feel so incredible. I'm thinking I have to see people tonight, and I look like Mama Cass. I'm thinking the button on my skirt is about to pop off. I'm thinking, why the heck didn't I order a glazed one and save 100 calories?

But, you know what? For three frantic minutes of Chocolate Iced/Kreme Filled mastication, it was totally worth it.

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Sarah Fenske
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