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Gallo Blanco Chefs Welcome Pumpkin Season

I can only go so long without a Gallo Blanco fix.

Even after having been there too many times to count, I still get indecisive when I look at the menu, just because I want one of everything.

So I dragged my colleagues there for a meeting yesterday, and once again, found more tasty things to love.

This time, it was two new desserts that chefs Chris Newstrom and Patrick Fegan are considering for their restaurant/market that's in the works in Ahwatukee (read about it here).

Pastry chef Rebecca Reeder whipped up a lovely little pumpkin spice tart, which was pretty much the tiniest pumpkin pie I've ever seen, with a generous blob of fresh whipped cream on top. It was just as good as Mom used to make, only miniature, which made it better in my book (sorry, Mom).

My friends and I also went crazy for this spicy, super-soft pumpkin muffin, which had a moist, dense crumb and was just sweet enough. And unlike the pie, this crumble-covered thing was huge.

Still, we downed it in a couple of minutes, and then it started to expand in my stomach, thanks to the horchata I'd just slurped down.

Sweet food coma . . .

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Michele Laudig
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