Game On: Pittsburgh and Wisconsin Treats for Super Bowl Sunday


​Why don't we just make Super Bowl Sunday an official holiday?

After all, it's a time to gather with your family and friends, party like a rock star (albeit in front of the boob tube, unless you're a lucky ticket holder), and eat just as decadently as you do at Christmas.

And just like munching on Christmas cookies or a pile of Thanksgiving stuffing makes you feel that much more festive, eating foods that are special to folks in Green Bay, Wisconsin, or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just seems like a better way to show your team spirit.

Get your cheese on if you're rooting for the Packers: cheddar beer soup, some hotdish (a Midwestern fave), or fried cheese curds.

Steelers fans can sink their teeth into grilled kielbasa, haluski (a cabbage and noodle dish) or, how about some pierogi, which are considered topnotch comfort food in Pittsburgh?

Or, if you've got fans from both sides in the same room, why not do a showdown on the buffet table with dishes from both cities? Pick and choose from these two tasty-looking menus. Chili is another timeless option; try Cyndi Coon's vegetarian version for a real crowd pleaser.

Itching to get out of the house and just watch the game with some liquid lunch? Check out our sister blog Jackalope Ranch's roundup of local bars where you can catch the action with fellow Steelers or Packers fans.

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