A detailed diagram of how Gardenfly works.
A detailed diagram of how Gardenfly works.

Gardenfly: A New Produce-Exchange Web Site from Seed Spot

If you're like us, you have about 300 too many grapefruits right about now and your friends are pretty sick of you pawning them off on them. Maybe you've got the opposite problem: no grapefruits easily accessible to you, without some late night grand theft citrus. Luckily, there's now a local website that connects gardeners to buyers online.

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Gardenfly primarily operates as a tool for gardeners to post the deets of their excess harvest, including pictures, for local food lovers to search through and pick exactly what they want from where. Thesite also allows gardeners to discuss tips, chefs to share recipes and everyone in between to learn from those seasoned growers' and locavores' experience. Plus a built-in messaging system means you don't have to get to know your local farmers too well if you don't want to give out your digits or e-mail address.

Gardenfly doesn't require a major haul to post -- whether you're trying to get rid of four oranges or a wheelbarrow full of kale. The site is part of Seed Spot, a non-profit for entrepreneurs and agriculture, and membership to the website is free and took us approximately one minute to sign up for -- so go get yourself some local produce.

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