Georganne Bryant's 5 Best Sunday Breakfast Spots in Metro Phoenix

The countdown to Best of Phoenix is on. Mark your calendar: This year's issue will be on newsstands September 26. What better way to warm up than by asking some local "experts" to list their own personal bests? This week, Georganne Bryant of Frances and Smeeks shares her favorite spots in town for Sunday breakfast.

By Georganne Bryant

Aaah, we made it through the week and now it is time to reward ourselves with a nice quiet, leisurely, delicious Sunday breakfast. Some weeks this is how my husband and I feel and the first opportunity we have to complete a full conversation. Breakfast is one of our favorites, and when we travel, we love to seek out the dives or the most local in a town or city to get a true sense of the people and local flavor. Here are my favorites in metro Phoenix and a very diverse list to try.

Cibo Cibo's Sunday breakfast starts at 9, but most people don't know this, so we feel like we have it to ourselves till 10, when it starts filling up with locals who love the patio and the casual vibe that Cibo has mastered. We love the Make your Own Frittata, imported Italian marmalade and especially love the Uova Arizona with scrambled eggs and Schriener's chorizo, wood-roasted mild green chile, served with roasted potatoes and three small tortillas. Rumor has it Cibo is now serving homemade doughnuts like only chef Guido Saccone can make -- can't wait to try those on my next visit.

Zookz This is the perfect place to go if you have worked out, hiked, or you're just sweaty. The price is right at $5. I am just not sure exactly how they make this delectable meal, my favorite -- the Sandwich with an Edge: It is a round bread empanada sealed all the way around and can be filled with poached eggs, feta, spinach, tomato and basil or if you need a sweet and salty breakfast try the peanut butter, banana, Nutella, and roasted almonds.

Eye Opener This wonderful Sunnyslope find is perfect for those over easy eggs, classic waffles, great prices and fresh, delicious food. The most impressive thing to me is they wanted to know if I wanted my hash browns crispy or not. It seems everyone knows each other and that just feels good in a place. Sierra Bonita Grill This place is a real Phoenix Southwestern gem that the neighborhood loves! My favorites are the seasonal Mofford (I have seen former Arizona governor Rose Mofford dining there), muffins, breakfast enchiladas, cowboy hash or their Atole Pinon Hotcakes griddled and made with blue corn masa. Their Southwestern Benedict is made with panko-crusted eggs and green chile beer biscuits and served with seasonal root veggies from their own garden. Don't forget to have one of their Bloody Marys. The bartenders know what they are talking about.

America's Taco Shop America's big ol' breakfast burrito will keep you full for most of the day, and by the time Sunday dinner rolls around you will be ready to go. Need I say more? The price is right, too.

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