Georganne Bryant's Perfect Food Day

Georganne Bryant is the owner of Frances, Smeeks and the new Frances Studio, all in Medlock Plaza on the northwest corner of Camelback and Central. If you've seen those Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix t-shirts and bumper stickers around town, we have her to thank. She has enviable taste in home wares, fashion and candy. We wanted to know where she likes to eat in the way of meals in the Phoenix metro area. 

Bryant tells us, "Weirdly, it seems I only eat within a few miles of my house or the stores -- that would be truly eating locally. I do love trying new places but always seem to come back to my favs!"

Here is her perfect food day:

Breakfast: My favorite breakfast place to stop into is Urban Beans on 7th Street. It has a low key vibe and I love that it is one of the few coffee houses owned by a woman in my area where there are many locally owned coffee houses. Owner Virginia Senior is most always there to serve up my farm fresh egg sandwich with a side of fruit and a mocha latte. Virgina uses locally fresh ingredients for everything. Their sweet treats are also so delicious and I always try and have any meetings there so I can sample one in the afternoon, with one of their organic teas.

Lunch: Oh, lunch!!! It's my favorite meal of the day. I love me a good sandwich! It's a total complete balanced meal in between two slices of bread! Oh, but it's a toss up...between the famous Chris Bianco's housemade mozzarella local tomato basil sandwich and Duck and Decanter's Where's The Beef with euro cream. Pane Bianco's sandwich speaks for itself and it should actually be on your bucket list and with their extended hours there is no excuse, you will not be sorry!! Duck and Decanter's Where's The Beef is the freshest and healthiest sandwich with 12 grain bread and piled high with tomato, celery, sprouts, lettuce, avocados, cucumbers, jicama, pine nuts and I add some euro cheese spread to top it off, the best vegetarian sandwich you will ever have. ​Between meal snacks: For a snack I would walk over to Smeeks and smuggle a La-Dee-Dah's handmade chocolate, a vegan chocolate bar, a piece of GoodyTwos toffee, Tracey Dempsey Originals campfire marshmallows or if i really splurge, head to Urban Cookies and have one of their ice cream sandwiches, I have a crazy sweet tooth so if I had a perfect day, yikes! Throughout my perfect day, I would have someone constantly refilling my iced tea with an AJ's traditional iced tea or a green tea from Dutch Brothers. A girl can dream, can't she? 

Dinner: To finish the day, it would be Mexican food with a cold cerveza! That would either be America's Taco Shop's vampiro carne asada, Los Compadres' machaca flautas (both on 7th Avenue) or head to Los Taquitos on Glendale and 16th Street for a burrito with grilled veggies and potatoes. One more favorite would be Via de Los Santos on Central for their calabacitas burrito which has sauteed zucchini, squash, onions and beans -- the best I have had in Phoenix. And then there is my husband's sliders on the grill with Tammie Coe slider rolls with a cold cerveza, which we had on the 4th of July.

We are so lucky to have the amazing choices to make the perfect food day in Phoenix and my area. Please remember your local restaurants this summer -- they need you!!!

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