That's good enough for me: Urban Cookies' namesake snack is full of chocolate, oats, walnuts and coconut

Get Baked

I'd like to keep cookie baking on my pre-Christmas agenda, but just in case the marathon of holiday parties catches up with me, I have a sweet back-up plan: buy a few dozen from Urban Cookies. This hipster cookie biz has been around for a year, but it's only been a month since co-owners Brady and Shaun Breese opened up a storefront on 7th Ave, between Indian School and Campbell. The location couldn't be better (it's right in the middle of a happening strip of indie businesses, next door to Melrose Pharmacy and Phoenix Metro Retro), and the timing is perfect, too. These guys are geared up for the gift-giving season, offering cheerful packaging and even customized chocolate syrup art for customers' celebration of choice — Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's, and beyond. I'm not fooling myself that these treats are any healthier than the butter-laden batches I might whip up myself, but it eases the guilt factor just knowing that they're almost 100 percent organic.


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