These could be your wedding guests!
These could be your wedding guests!
Jeremiah Toller

Get Married at the Strong Beer Festival in Phoenix February 14 -- For Free

Since the 15th annual Strong Beer Festival is being held on Valentine's Day this year, the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild has decided to give away a wedding to a lucky couple.

Your mom will be so proud.

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You'll have just about everything paid for, including a dress, tux rental, flowers, cake, catering for up to 50 guests, a honeymoon staycation at the Clarendon Hotel and a lot of beer, but there's one little detail that might make this contest unappealing for some. Aside from getting married at a beer festival (if that's not your thing, you probably shouldn't apply for it anyway), you'll also be getting married on roughly a day's notice.

The contest itself is relatively simple, send a short (500 words or less) explanation of how you fell in love and why you want to get married at the festival to wedding@azbeerweek.com. Be sure to include the names of both people getting married, a phone number and an email address.

There'll be a few interviews in the week leading up to the festival, so if you're trying to "Hop Down the Aisle," make sure you're available beginning on February 9.

If craft beer fills your heart with so much romance that you just have to get married at the festival (even if you don't win the contest), there'll be at least 10 ordained ministers/brewers at the festival, according to the Arizona Brewers Guild.

We're not sure how their ordinations will affect their brews, but we do know that the combination of holiness and hoppiness should certainly make for an interesting day at Steele Indian School Park.

The deadline for applications is February 1, and we're totally down to be in your beer-themed bridal party if you don't have the type of friends to ask on a day's notice.

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