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Giant Cookie Dessert at Phil's Filling Station in Fountain Hills

Okay, so maybe old timey Coca Cola kitsch isn't your thing. We get it, but when a good dessert comes along, it must be talked about so all can enjoy. Phil's Filling Station in Fountain Hills is making homemade pan cookies that will meet any warm cookie need you might have.

Phil's is not a filling station at all, but a family style restaurant and sports bar: You walk in the front door and turn right for Coca Cola-plastered walls and family oriented environment or turn left for a sports themed sports bar. The family side is a Coca Cola memorabilia collector's dream come true, we're sure. If those two options don't appeal to you, then head out front to the patio with a clear view of the famous Fountain Hills fountain.

The menu at Phil's is extensive, and by extensive we mean over 200 items are listed, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make your dinner choices.

We decided on two desserts for our table of six, and our server assured us it would be enough for all of us. It was. The first option was Phil's famous mud pie, which left us a bit confused. Our expectation was a more creamy chocolate filling with vanilla ice cream. This pie had an Oreo crust, a layer of chocolate ice cream topped with a layer of vanilla ice cream, then more oreo crumbles, and whip cream. It was a lot of ice cream for the $8.49 price tag, but we were underwhelmed with the dish. In fact, a good portion remained untouched.

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Our second selection was a giant, made to order chocolate chip cookie. The server said the cookie dough is made in house, which was a nice treat. Phil's serves the still warm cookie with three scoops of ice cream, then adds whip cream and drizzled chocolate. We left not a crumble of cookie in the pan.

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