Glendale's Best Street Food Festival Comes to the West Valley Later This Month

If you’ve been waiting for an event that brings some of the Valley's best food trucks together in one place, then Glendale’s Best Street Food Fest later this month is a must. The two-day festival will be held Friday, November 13,  and Saturday, November 14 at Murphy Park (5812 West Glendale Avenue) in Glendale. On Friday, the gates open at 3 p.m. and close at 8, and on Saturday, it’s an all-day affair opening at 11 a.m. and finishing around 8 p.m.

The event is free to attend; however, there is a slew of tasting ticket and voting token packages attendees can buy. These pre-sale passes allow for a customized experience and a solid bang for your buck. They range from “Just Snacking” passes ($15) that include five food samples, one drink token, and one vote token to a “Foodie pass” ($28) that gets you ten sample bites, a drink token, and a vote token. The vote token is used to help crown the truck that delivers the Best Street Food of the weekend.

The “Hungry Foodie” is a smart option for a single attendees and includes 15 sample bites, a drink token, a vote token, and an express pass. The express pass allows you to skip general food lines all day. While the Foodie and Family bundles are better suited for groups of two to four people and can either get 20 or 40 sample bites, two or four drink tokes, two or four express passes or two to four vote tokens.

If the bundling doesn’t fit your needs or you miss the pre-sale passes, you can also purchase them at the event. A single token is the equivalent of $2 dollars, and can get you a soda or bottle of water or one food sample. Sample beer, wine, or spirits will also cost one token. Domestic and well drinks will be two tokens, and premiums will be three tokens.

Vendors and food trucks will also be accepting cash and or debit card — though it's important to note tokens can be purchased only with cash.

Here's a list of participating trucks:
Affogato Truck
Barlow’s Concessions
Badass Cupcakes
Bitz-ee Mama’s
Breakfast Rules
Brittle Bliss Gourmet Brittles
Cactus Corn
Cheeseburger Cups
Chimichachacha Cinnamon Factory
Comfort Cravings
Corndogs Rock
Coyote Oaties
Desert Snow
DGP Gourmet Fry Bread
DK Dogs
Fry Guys
Funnel Cake Factory
Grilled Cheese Nation
Hamburger Honcho
Hot Mess Buns
Hush Puppy Truck
Indian Spot
In Your Face Sabrett Hot Dogs
JoeRich’s Tamales
Johnnies Java Snow
K Star BBQ
Kettle Heroes
Krispy Creations
Lady Lynn’s “Sauce It”
Longhorn Steakhouse
London Street Eats
Mac’s Concessions
Main Lobster Dude
Marty’s Gourmet Meatballs
Michelle & Gerald’s Southern Cuisine
Morrell’s BBQ
Mr. Martz Food Worx
Ms C’s Barbeque Chicken N Ribs
Onion Ringmaster
Pinnacle Peak Pie Company
Purple Gurl’s Gourmet Popcorn
Raging Cajun Smoking BBQ
Rosana’s Kitchen
Salsa Gal
San Francisco Chocolate Factory
Shot of Java
Sugar Hi Gourmet Cotton Candy
Sweet Magnolia Smokehouse
The Tater Tot Truck
The Tall Taco Truck
Thai Fusion
The Hop Stop Diner
The Panini People
The Pizza Truck
The Spicy Veggie Truck
Tornado Potato
Tropical Sno 

Parking on site will be limited but event organizers will provide a free shuttle trips to and from the event. For more information about the festival or to purchase tickets, check the Glendale's Best Food Truck Festival website and Facebook
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