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Going Dutch: Will The Original Pancake House Do Better Than Lux on Dutch Pancakes?

After the "Dutch Pancakes" at Lux left me disappointed and craving the real thing more than ever, I have been on an even more refined and desperate search for them.

Now, it seems I may have found the real thing after all.

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It might be a franchised company, but stepping into The Original Pancake House on Camelback Road, you would not be able to tell. It feels like a local place and is true to the company's promise of "attention to detail and commitment to the quality."

It is here that I ordered the 49'er flapjacks for $8.50 and finally found what I was looking for. These thin -- but not too thin -- pancakes are as close as any pancakes have come to being a perfect Dutch specimen... and I have tried A LOT of pancakes in the past few years.

Traditionally, Dutch pancakes are served slightly larger and come single, but I was all too excited that my flapjacks came in a stack of three. They were that good.

The taste is spot-on to what I remember having in Holland. The texture is chewy, and the taste is not too sweet by itself (which is why you have the syrup on the side), and I can't resist it any longer.

I pour on the syrup eagerly, cut it into oddly shaped strips, and roll each strip up before the syrup can escape and run on my plate. Despite attempts to savor the flavor, it's still gone faster than I would have liked, leaving only a small puddle of syrup on the plate and a big grin on my face.

No wonder the chain has been around since 1953, with pancakes that good.

The Original Pancake House 6840 E. Camelback Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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