Gold Madras at Maizie's

We've heard of cucumber cocktails and avocado martinis, but how's this for drinkable veggies: Gold Madras from Maizie's Café & Bistro features spuds, since it uses Karlsson's Gold Vodka, which is distilled from virgin new potatoes and tastes sort of chocolate-y. Vodka can also be made from grain, rye, and wheat.

The bar/restaurant serves the gluten-free Karlsson's Gold on the rocks with fresh ground pepper sprinkled on top, but if you're not into a heavy alcohol taste, the Gold Madras cocktail gives a fruity twist to the unique vodka.

The bartender: Tina Tonkin, bartender at Maizie's for more than a year

The ingredients: 2 ounces Karlsson's Gold Vodka, 3 ounces cranberry juice, 1 ounce orange juice

How to make it:


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