Golden Gazpacho at Rita's Kitchen


Last year we marked the hundred day countdown to Best of Phoenix by sharing our 100 Favorite Dishes with you. Now we're back -- with the 2011 edition. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email amy.silverman@newtimes.com. 

99: Golden Gazpacho at Rita's Kitchen

Most gazpacho is chunky, red, and in your face, and that's just fine -- til you taste the Golden Gazpacho at the Camelback Inn. We prefer it poolside at the hotel spa, but you can also find it on the menu at Rita's Kitchen.

Either way, the blend of yellow tomatoes and yellow peppers, along with green peppers and red onions -- seasoned with garlic, hot pepper sauce and red wine vinegar -- is cool and refreshing, with a kick.

You can get all the ingredients to make your own Golden Gazpacho here, though we'll warn you that it's impossible to replicate the gorgeous grounds of the Cameback Inn at home.

Miss a dish? 

100: Beckett's Original Grilled Cheese from Beckett's Table

Stomach full? Get some eye candy for dessert over on Jackalope Ranch with our Imagine PHX series.

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