Good question...

Just got this note from a hungry New Times reader (see below). I can think of a lot of great meat-free Mexican dishes out there, but honestly I haven't paid much attention to who makes truly vegetarian rice and beans. Does anybody have any suggestions? If so, please comment so we can get this gal a good meal on Cinco de Mayo!

Hi, Michelle! I am hoping that you can help me save some time: do you know which local Mexican restaurants include vegetarian rice (no stock) and beans (no lard) and at least one outstanding veggie entree on their menu?

I've tried local, vegetarian organization websites, but sadly the suggestions seem limited mostly to chain restaurants. I am looking for authentic, non-gringo selections.

I've accessed your on-line menus, but it's very rare to find individual items marked as veggie.

Short of calling every Valley Mexican restaurant (and encountering communication problems at many - I don't speak Spanish), I am hoping for specific suggestions on where to go without risk of misunderstanding and inadvertant consumption of meat, poultry or seafood.

Alternatively, if you can recommend a source for idiomatic translation assistance, I would be happy to ask these questions myself.

Any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!

Hoping for a positive response in time for Cinco de Mayo,



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