Gotham City Comics & Coffee's Sumatra

We'll be honest: the last thing we expected to find at a comic book shop was knock-our-socks-off coffee, but that's what we got at Gotham City Comics & Coffee in Mesa.

This comics and gaming superstore just opened a little more than a month ago, but Gotham City Comics & Coffee is already gaining a reputation as geek heaven. After trying a cup of their Sumatra, we can see them getting a caffiend following, too.

Sumatra coffee is known for being a full, buttery coffee with hardly any acidity, but Gotham City Comics & Coffee's Sumatra seems extra smooth and sweet. There's an undertone of earthy chocolate to the brew, and the flavor lingers on the tongue after each sip.

We thank coffee guru Josh Krize (owner of Krize Coffee and now a partner at Gotham City) for making such a clean cup of Sumatra. It's apparent that Krize takes great care picking his blends, and makes every cup fresh and from scratch.

As for the caffeine kick, it's pretty decent. It's not as intense as a rush from espresso, but more potent than your typical cup of coffee. We bet it would be good enough for Batman.

Gotham City Comics & Coffee is located at 46 W. Main Street in Mesa. Call 480-649-3065 for more information.

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