Gotta love the soup

My latest solution to turning a shitty day into a semi-good one:


Okay, it wasn't really a completely shitty day -- for the most part, it was pretty productive. But this afternoon I talked to my Dad and got some very depressing news. Super-sad-but-goddamn-I-gotta-be-optimistic news.

I thought I'd run out for a bite to eat but all I really wanted was some good, hot, homemade soup. Nowhere came to mind to get some, so I absentmindedly wound up at the grocery store, chucking vegetables into my basket. Funny, I ran into a friend, who also happened to be gathering ingredients for soup.

"Well, I'm so hungry that I'll probably just go to Chico's Tacos for something to eat now and make the soup for tomorrow," he said.

My rumbling stomach was on my mind, too, but instead of tacos, I grabbed a cheap bottle of pinot noir and a loaf of French bread. I came home and cranked up the music.

I've been listening to a bunch of CDs on random that happen to be good soup-making, wine-drinking music: Mosquitos (kinda Brazillian pop), the Herb Albert album with the foxy naked chick lounging in a mountain of whipped cream, as remixed by Thievery Corporation and a bunch of others, another random comp with electro-Brazilian stuff, some funky Medeski Martin & Wood album, this super-chipper, sorta old LP from the Japanese group Pizzicato Five (love), and the new full-length from What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, a kooky Beatles/Beach Boys/wtf Phoenix band that I've been digging for awhile now.

Now I'm sitting here, with my pinot almost kicked, writing this blog post before I go skim off more chicken fat. Christmas tree lights, soup-making, wine, fun music plus blog equals a much better state of mind than before.

Thanks, blog-readers. I almost called you blogateers. ;-)

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